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About me

I am a senior research scientist at RISE Research institutes of Sweden and head of the deep learning research group. We run a number of applied research projects where state-of-the-art techniques from machine learning transform application areas, and let new application areas drive innovation to push the boundaries of machine learning research.

I have a PhD in machine learning from Chalmers university of technology, my thesis is called Representation learning for natural language (click for details). I have worked on summarization, dialogue systems, adversarial training (for sequences, data privacy, speech), character-based RNNs, and federated learning.

I believe in the potential for AI to make the world a better place for us all, which is why much of the research projects I run are motivated by environmental or medical issues. I like listenening to the Talking Machines podcast.

I organize, and occasionally give talks in, our popular Learning Machines seminar series at RISE (and at other events). When I have time, I do enjoy writing code and perform experiments.

Richard Johansson and Devdatt Dubhashi was my PhD supervisors.

Also see my licentiate thesis, titled "Multi-document summarization and semantic relatedness", and my master's thesis Dynamics of geographical routing in small-world networks.


I am currently supervising one PhD candidate. I frequently supervise master's students in their thesis work. See my research group page and the list of finished master student projects for more info. I have taught many courses.

Other things

When not doing research or teaching, I am a long distance runner and the lucky father of two wonderful children.


Email: first name at last name dot one.
Telephone: +46-703-969624.
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Olof Mogren, PhD, RISE Research institutes of Sweden