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Machine learning for particle based simulations

Machine learning for particle based simulations

In this talk, we went through some approaches where machine learning were utilized for particle-based simulations of physical systems. Emphasis were put on (Sanchez-Gonzalez,, 2020), a solution that builds on graph neural networks. The approach is trained using data simulated from engineered simulators but shows results that are applicable to a number of different settings (specifically, three different kinds of substances are simulated in different environments). Relevant reading: Learning to Simulate Complex Physics with Graph Networks, Sanchez-Gonzalez, Godwin, Pfaff, Ying, Leskovec, Battaglia,

Slides (PDF)

Learning Machines Seminars at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, 2020-04-23
Olof Mogren

Olof Mogren, PhD, RISE Research institutes of Sweden. Follow me on Bluesky.