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AI in the public sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate our work and solve many problems. In China, you can pay for a cup of coffee by smiling at a camera that recognizes your identity and deducts the amount from your bank account. Facebook can tag your friends in your photos without your intervention.

We are starting to see examples of computers that can plan and reason within certain frameworks. But machines that work on personal data must comply with current laws and guidelines for integrity and accuracy. Techniques that are trained on data generated by humans will contain bias and structures from the underlying data.

AI can make our work more efficient; technology can now help us search for and present information we need for decision making.

In this presentation, we will walk through some of the groundbreaking technological advances that have taken place in recent years, as well as discuss how we can use technology to our advantage.

Slides (PDF)

Socialchefsdagarna 2020, 2020-09-30
Olof Mogren

Olof Mogren, PhD, RISE Research institutes of Sweden. Follow me on Mastodon.