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Can we trust AI: A talk at the science festival

Encoder-decoder with attention mechanism.

During the science festival in Gothenburg, we had a session discussing artificial intelligence. The theme for the whole festival was “trust”, so we naturally named our session “Can we trust AI”. I gave an introduction, and shared my view of some of the recent progress that has been made in AI and machine learning, and then we had four other speakers giving their views of current state of the art. Finally, I chaired a discussion session that was much appreciated with the audience. The room was filled, and many people came up to us afterwards and kept the discussion going. The other speakers were Annika Larsson from Autoliv, Ola Gustavsson from Dagens Nyheter, and Hans Salomonsson from Data Intelligence Sweden AB.

Slides (PDF)

Vetenskapsfestivalen, 2017-05-14
Olof Mogren

Olof Mogren, PhD, RISE Research institutes of Sweden. Follow me on Mastodon.