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The following students have written their master's theses under my supervision.


Christian Meijner, Simon Persson:
Blood Glucose Prediction for Type 1 Diabetes using Machine Learning
Defended 2017-06-01
Long Short-term Memory based models for blood glucose prediction with confidence level outputs.
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Johan Ekdahl and William Axhav Bratt:
CARAI - Development of an intelligent personal assistant for cars
Defended 2016-06-22
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Jacob Hagstedt P Suorra:
Automatic discussion forum assistant using recurrent neural networks
Defended 2016-06-07
Appeared as a paper in representation learning for NLP, RepL4NLP, at ACL 2016.
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Sean Pavlov and Simon Almgren:
Entity recognition in swedish medical documents
Defended 2016-06-02
Appeared as a paper in the fifth workshop on building and evaluating resources for biomedical text mining (BioTxtM 2016), at COLING 2016.


Hampus Bengtsson and Johannes Jansson:
Using Classification Algorithms for Smart Suggestions in Accounting Systems
Defended 2015-06-11
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Yanling Jin and Albin Bramstång:
Constructing a Context-aware Recommender System with Web Sessions
Defended 2015-06-10
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Olof Mogren, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

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